Peterville Church Cemetery

     The Peterville Church cemetery was surveyed on March 9, 2000 by Sharon L. Nowery, Catherine L. Nowery and Helen Graham. The church is no longer standing, and the cemetery is in disrepair. In addition to the tombstones listed below, there is an overturned engraved stone that could not be read, about 30 stones markers and many unmarked graves.
    The cemetery may be located by taking Rt. 60 West 1.4 miles after Rt. 522. Park along the road by the pond. Walk to the right of the pond, and the cemetery will be a short distance from there.

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Burial Listing
Birth Date
Death Date
  Bush, Miss Nancy 3/19/1804 3/28/1860 See Note #1
Fariss, Calvin Marshall 11/30/1872 2/21/1918  
  Jones, Edna Cecil 8/17/1921 7/30/1922 Daug. of Mary Poca Fariss Jones
  Lambert, R. J.     Co. I, 1 VA RES, CSA
  Ligon, Bettie A. 2/18/1857 11/28/1877 w/o Geo. W. Ligon
  Ligon, Geo. W. 5/26/1850 3/28/1889 h/o Bettie A. Ligon
  Ligon, Mary Harvie
w/o Geo. W. Ligon - d/o D. W. & Susan D. Tucker
  Ligon, Savella Courtney 1/19/1888 6/11/1905 d/o G.W. & Mary Harvie Ligon
  Richardson, Emma F. Swann 5/27/1856 9/29/1929 Add'l burial per family member
  Richardson, Thomas Jefferson 11/11/1842 9/5/1904 Add'l burial per family member
  Stratton, S.B. (Mrs.)   2/12/1931  
  Swann, Cora Stratton 3/6/1867 12/30/1943 w/o Richard Thomas Swann
  Swann, J. (Mrs.)   10/24/1890 Add'l burial per St. Luke's Records
  Swann, John   1890-91 Add'l burial per St. Luke's Records
  Swann, John 11//1793 4/26/1860 See Note #2
  Swann, Lois   11/22/1899 Add'l burial per St. Luke's Records
  Swann, Mary (Sublett)   10/24/1890 Add'l burial per St. Luke's Records
  Swann, Richard A. 7/1/1832 8/15/1897 FATHER/To memory ever dear
  Swann, Richard Thomas 3/28/1860 5/17/1943

h/o Cora Stratton Swann

  Taylor, John D. c. 1815 8/3/1892 FATHER - h/o Mary S. Taylor
  Taylor, Mary S. c. 1825 6/14/1914 MOTHER - w/o John D. Taylor
  Tucker, Daniel Wilson 2/24/1827 11/2/1904 Father - h/o Susan D. Tucker
  Tucker, Savella Bernice 7/28/1863 11/16/1900 d/o D. W. & Susan D. Tucker
  Tucker, Susan D. 2/16/1831 3/18/1898 Mother - w/o Daniel Wilson Tucker
  Watkins, Sam'l (Lieut.)     VA. MIL/Rev. War.

Note #1
Tombstone Reads:

Sacred to the memory of
Miss Nancy Bush
March 19, 1804
March 28, 1860
Precious in the sight of the Lord is
the death of his saints.
Oh, I have been there and still, w___
Like a little heaven below
But all my pleasures or my play
Will tempt me to forget that day.

Note #2
Tombstone Reads:
In memory of
John Swann
Born Nov. 1793

Died April 26, 1860
Blessed are the dead who
died in the Lord, for they
rest from their labours
and their works do follow

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