Norwood Plantation Family Cemetery (Letter)

Dear Sharon:

     We have an original survey map at “Norwood” which reads, ‘surveyed at the request of Beverly Randolph, Executor of Harry Heth, deceased, a tract or parcel of  land known by the name of Norwood, situate, lying and being in the County of Powhatan, etc.’ This map is dated May 10, 1822 and was made by Peter Cottrell, Surveyor, Henrico Co. All of this land is located across Jones’ Creek to the east of present day Norwood. A house is shown on the survey situated approximately across present day 711 from a small home referred to as “Lower Norwood” and owned by Russell Bailey. All of the land on the west side of Jones’ Creek where “Norwood” now stands is referred to as “Greenyard” on this survey. Beverly/Beverley Randolph married Lavinia Heth, the daughter of Harry Heth referred to by the surveyor as deceased. Beverly (the way we spell it) Randolph purchased the land known as “Greenyard” in 1834. the deed conveying 664-1/2 acres is dated 5/10/1834 and refers to Beverly Randolph of Richmond, Va. Harry Heth purchased the land on which the original “Norwood” was located from the Harris family in 1813. We know that the house burned to the ground. I assume that Harry Heth left the original “Norwood” to his daughter, Lavinia, and son-in-law, Beverly Randolph. Perhaps after the house burned, they purchased “Greenyard” from the Harris family in 1834 at which time the name was changed to “Norwood” and the wings and halls were added to the house then on the property, which had been built by Thomas Harris circa 1790. It is referred to as “the Old Place” in his will leaving it in 1815 to his son, John Phillip Barretier Harris. This is the “John” Harris who sold the existing Norwood to Beverly Randolph. Perhaps he requested that he be buried at “the Old Place” now Norwood by 1855.  Beverly Randolph married Lavinia Heth and they had 3 children who survived childhood: Charles Heth Randolph, Nancy Randolph, and Lavinia Randolph… Lavinia Randolph, sister of Chas. and Nancy, married a Deas and we know little about her as she and her sister had a “parting-of-the-ways” for some mysterious reason and was excluded from the family before or after her marriage to Mr. Deas.

  1. Ann Hare Kennon was an infant born to Nancy Randolph Kennon and her husband, William Henry Kennon.
  1. Heath/Heth as in Beverly/Beverley – I think the “Heath” spelling was due to “Blackheath,” the Heth home in Chesterfield.

… I cannot assume who may have built the cemetery. Since Nancy Randolph and William Henry Kennon had 3 children born from November of 1833 through July 1836, all of whom died prior to May of 1837, perhaps the cemetery was built for them. However, William Henry Kennon died in 1843, and he is not buried at Norwood. So it may be that Ann Hare Kennon was the first to be buried in the cemetery, having been born to Wm. Henry and Nancy on 12/7/1841…”

Connie Kennon Harriss