James Poindexter



  From the following notes, I think we can assume James Poindexter (of Powhatan and Clerk of Court) was a Republican, meeting in Richmond in 1800 to help elect our 3rd president. And, that the dates on his stone reflect his reward for such action -and not that of his age.  Would you agree?


Republican Party Committee of Correspondence, in Virginia 1800

On January 23, 1800, friends of Thomas Jefferson met in Richmond to decide on a course of how best to elect their candidate in the presidential election to be held in November of that year. Other stated goals were to elect Republican [now the Democratic party] candidates to other elective offices in the Old Dominion and the United States Congress. This convention determined that a "general committee of correspondence to consist of five persons in or near the city of Richmond whose duty it shall be forthwith to inform the several persons agreed upon as Electors, that a poll will be taken for them at the ensuing election in confidence of their attachment of Liberty...." Of course this committee needed people to correspond with, and county committees were formed. These committees consisted of the following individuals:

"The following persons were appointed a general Standing Committee, viz:

Philip Norborne Nicholas, Meriweather Jones, Benjamin Hatcher, Gervias Stors, and John Courtney.

"Resolved that John H. Foushee be appointed Secretary to the General Committee in the city of Richmond; and should any vacancy hereafter happened in this office, the Standing Committee shall be authorized to make such other appointments as they shall think proper.

"The following persons were appointed Corresponding Committees in the different counties, to wit:

Note #1 (PHS) All Counties were listed with the names of the appointed individuals. However, because of space considerations, only Powhatan County names will be listed here.

Powhatan: Richard Crump, Powhatan C.H.; Sam'l Pleasants, James Poindexter, Littlebury Mosely, and Jordan Harris