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     The Holman Family Cemetery was surveyed on June 15, 1996 by Sharon Lee Nowery, Catherine Lynn Nowery, Paul Mitchell and Pat Betts. The cemetery is located on the property of David and Cindy Haygood, about 30~40 feet behind the rear fence line and to the right of the stable of Level Green Riding Academy. The Holman Farm was known as Level Green. According to Helen Jervey, Level Green was previously called Calvary.

     The cemetery has a two-brick wide border partially covered by soil and Periwinkle. It is overgrown by brush, and there are no engraved tombstones. There appears to be about 15 graves marked by stones, as shown below, and possibly other unmarked graves.

     There is no known record of the burials at the cemetery other than the following burials recorded in the St. Luke’s Church (Protestant Episcopal), Powhatan Co., VA Records 1842-1936, presented to the Virginia Historical society, by the Vestry of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Powhatan, Va., 12 December, 1990.Please note these are burial dates and not necessarily death dates.


Burial Listing
Birth Date
Death Date
  Flagg, Mitilda Holman (Mrs.)
  Holman, Charlotte
  Holman, E. (Mrs.)
** See note #1 below
  Holman, Lucy (Miss)
  Holman, Thomas

** Note #1: Mrs. E. Holman is believed to be Elizabeth Barbara (Branch) Holman, wife of Henry Holman.

     Also believed to be buried at the cemetery is Henry Holman, owner of the farm and deceased prior to 1837, and Porter Flagg, son of Rev. Joshua and Eliza (Comee) Flagg of Dana, Massachusetts, who married Matilda Holman, daughter of Henry Holman. Porter’s death certificate, on file at Virginia State Library Archives, Richmond, Virginia, states he died at Richmond, Virginia, 26 December 1889, and was returned to Powhatan Co., Virginia to be buried, presumably by his wife, Mitilda.

     The original Holman home at Level Green burned down about 50 years ago, and the present home of Jon and Pat Betts is built on the original home site.

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