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The Benjamin Hobson Family
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     During the 18th and 19th centuries, there were two unrelated Hobson families in Powhatan County. The Adcock Hobson family came from Northumberland County and lived at "Blenheim". The other Hobson family-that of John Hobson-came from White Oak Swamp in Henrico. Descendents of the latter family built Hobson's Chapel.
     In the 1700's John Hobson of White Oak Swamp patented two adjoining 400-acre tracts of land in Goochland County. (Today this area is Cumberland County which was not formed until 1748.) He gave the tract which became known as "Obscurity" to his son William. The other tract which became known as "Mill View" went to his son John. Here, the two sons established and operated their mill on Deep Creek.
     Upon the death of the son John, ownership of the "Mill View" plantation and mill passed to John Cannon Hobson, of Petersburg and Frederick Hobson, of Farmville (sons of the son John). They sold the property to their brother Benjamin Hobson who is credited with being most generous in the building of the Church.
     Benjamin Hobson and his wife Sally Hatcher Hobson had seven children. Susan married Henry James Brown and they appear on the membership records from 1847-1849. John married Harriet Ann Allen and their long-running membership begins on the first membership record in 1846. William married Elizabeth Agnes Brown and apparently did not attend Hobson's Chapel. In 1848, he inherited "Mill View". Elizabeth married Robert Walton Brown in 1838. Mary Page married Thomas D. Flippen. They also do not appear on the membership lists. Martha married Albert R. Frayser and their membership is recorded. They lived at "Selma" on Deep Creek near Ballsville. Benjamin and Sally died before reaching adulthood. (Henry James Brown, Elizabeth Agnes Brown and Robert Walton Brown were siblings and the children of Daniel and Nancy H. W. Brown of "Somerset".)
     The Hobson's Chapel membership records give some insight into the lives of the Benjamin Hobsons. Sally Hobson died in 1846, or 1847. In 1857-58 Benjamin transferred his-membership to Meadville Church near Macon. (Meadville eventually became Powhatan Methodist Church.) Also, the 1860 Federal Census places him living with his son John. There is a family cemetery on the "Mill View" site on the Clinton Road (Rt. 654 today) in Cumberland County. Inside the fence which matches the old fence at the Church, there are several gravestones of Benjamin Hobson family members and a few sites marked with only a stone. Perhaps this is his burial site. His date of death remains a mystery...

Nancy Page Clark

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