Elioch Manor Cemetery

       The Elioch Manor Cemetery is located in the Elioch Trace Subdivision, which may be located by traveling east on Rt. 711 (Huguenot Trail) from St. Luke’s Church. Turn right onto Elioch Manor Drive, go to the end of the road and park, and walk straight ahead about 75 yards. The old Elioch Manor house is to the left.

     The cemetery was surveyed on March 2, 1997 by Sharon L. Nowery, Catherine L. Nowery and Claude Ridings. The cemetery is enclosed in a partially fallen down granite stone fence and is overgrown with brush and vines.

     There is only one tombstone, but possibly other unmarked graves. St. Luke’s burial records mention an Edward Taylor being buried at Elioch April 7, 1873.


Burial Listing
Birth Date
Death Date
  Taylor, Edward
per St. Luke's burial records
  Martin, Anthony
** must be error (see below)
Note: If the date of birth is correct, then the date of death should be 6/3/1855 in order for the age to be correct.

Tombstone Reads:
Here lies the remains of
Anthony Martin
born the 26th day of
Sept'r 1787 and departed
this life the 3rd day of
June 1805 aged
sixty seven years eight
months and seven days.
Remember me as you pass by; as you are now so once was I; as I am now you soon must be; prepare for death and follow me.

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